Golf Tips Magazine Review

Some really great words about HoleOut from the good folks at Golf Tips Magazine. This review is hitting newsstands now:

Best Finds at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show

Their enthusiasm is infectious. Their products make total sense, including the half dozen they rolled out at the PGA Show in Orlando. The men and women of HoleOut clearly love golf and want to make it not only more fun, but as con-venient to play as possible. And if you knock a few strokes off your game in the process, even better.

“All these products come out of our love for the game,” said David Dastrup, Design Engineer and HoleOut’s CEO. “These aren’t re-hashed products, they’re all entirely new ideas, and they function flawlessly. We have a suite of products that can truly reduce strokes, speed the game, and add enjoyment all at once.”

GolfTips has had a chance to check out all six up close and in person, and Dastrup is spot-on: These six affordable, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that items should find their way to every golfer’s bag, both on the course and on the practice tee.

Our favorite is the HoleOut Pro ($24.99), which puts your ball mark right where you need it — on the grip end of your putter — thanks to a quick and easy installation system that involves a small knife and an ingenious spring-loaded gadget that plugs into the grip. But what’s really cool is that the HoleOut Pro turns into the green-reading partner you never had via their “Holeout Method” which helps locate the one true vertical edge of the putter, taking the mystery and myth out of plumb-bobbing.

Got issues with swaying in your backswing? Anti-Sway Pro ($59.95) is a unique foot-mounted device that immediately reveals if you’re letting that rear leg break down instead of keeping the knee flexed and the weight on the inside of the foot — the foundation of every great player in history. A few swings with AntiSway and you’ll get the hang of what a solid foundation feels like.

Didn’t think the humble tee needs an overhaul? Think again. Hole-Out’s PerfecTee ($5.99 for packet of 8) all but eliminates power sapping friction at the millisecond of truth. Front supports won’t engage ball dimples for unwanted spin. Ergonomically designed, it feels great in the hand when teeing up, and its diamond-shaped shaft cuts through the turf and won’t bend through impact. One tee will outlast a small bag of wood tees — the environment thanks you. PerfecTee is USGA conforming.

Finally we come to the PerfecTowel ($21.99), with a unique six-surface design that assures there’s always a wet and dry surface to clean clubs and balls — a killer combination of small and light with a big cleaning surface. Even better, it comes equipped with TowelCaddy ($5.99 if purchased separately), which hooks to the hosel or lower shaft of your putter and snaps easily back on once you’ve buried that birdie putt. Since it stays with the putter, there’s no more leaving the towel behind and having to wipe that dew-drenched ball on your trousers, shorts or shirt. It’s always there for you.

So, every HoleOut product stands alone as a great idea, but a whole suite of them? Sweet.  MARCH/APRIL 2016  p.63