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Not just one, but an unprecedented three Morning Drive 'Favorite Thing of the Day' picks at the PGA Merchandise Show. (PerfecTowel, PerfecTee and AntiSwayPro).
-Golf Channel Morning Drive

"Best Game Improvement Products of 2016"

AntiSway Pro™ wins Product of the Month (Feb. 2016)
-GolfTalk Live Radio

"The #1 Tee in the World."    
-Matt Adams, Fairways of Life, SiriusXM Radio

"Great Products, Great Company."    
-Adam Gottfried, "Tee It Up" Radio Show

"Every once in a while a company comes along that changes the game. HoleOut® appears primed to be one of those companies."
-Golf Champion Magazine

"With so many tools and aids you will surely find something to help you improve your golf game from HoleOut Golf.  I can honestly say that I would recommend any of the products we tested here in this review. Any and all of these products definitely would be a positive addition to your golf bag.  Looking at the numbers, you can get every single HoleOut product for just $110.00 USD. I don’t work for HoleOut but golly that’s a good price."

"I always thought a tee was a tee until The PerfecTee. The PerfecTee is a tee filled with technology, reduces unwanted spin, will last forever and may take shots off of your score. I'm not sure you could ask for more out of a tee! You really need to try this tee and see for yourself."


“It’s fabulous! I’ve seen a lot of towels in my days, but this one takes the cake. They really came up with a winner.”     
–Mike Calbot, The Golf Doctor

“The PerfecTowel is proclaimed by HoleOut to be “the best golf towel ever,” which is akin to “best coffee in NY City”: easy to claim, hard to prove. Turns out, this is a really great towel for a number of reasons.”
-Matt Meeker, PluggedInGolf.com

“I think we have found the most functional towel on the market... The PerfecTowel is the perfect size (won't drag or get caught in cart wheels), made of high quality materials and solves the issue of carrying multiple towels to cover all your needs. It's a brilliant invention and has earned the name The PerfecTowel!"

“From the minute you try the AntiSway Pro, you understand why it is so popular. This could be one of the most important training aids for teaching professionals because there is an application for every swing used on the golf course.”    
-Tony Leodora, GolfTalk Radio

"These six affordable, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that items should find their way to every golfer’s bag, both on the course and on the practice tee.  ...Every HoleOut product stands alone as a great idea, but a whole suite of them? Sweet."    
-GolfTips Magazine

“HoleOut: a company who is striving to provide golfers with not only aids in sharpening their skills, but also through more practical accessories which can be used on the course. Sometimes the simplest of training aids are the most interesting, and that is true here of AntiSway Pro. ...HoleOut is one of the more diversified companies that we have seen when it comes to providing products which address a lot of different areas and it really is nice to see."

"AntiSway will last a lifetime and if you eliminate sway, your game will most certainly improve. The playing and training tools inside are well crafted and offer the potential to make your playing experience better….within the suite of products, there’s something for everyone.”    
–Matt Meeker, PluggedInGolf.com