The HoleOut Story

HoleOut® was started by two brothers in San Diego who just thought differently. Now we're a whole team of people who think differently.  We're golfers too, so when we set out to design a product, we don't do it simply to sell a tee or a towel. We throw away what's been done before and start from scratch.

Every tool in HoleOut's lineup solves the small annoyances of other products... Tees that break or impart unwanted spin birthed PerfecTee™.  Towels that drag on the ground or get left behind on the green gave us PerfecTowel™.

Sick of hitting chili-dips and topped balls? Yeah, we were too. That's why we developed AntiSwayPro™, the first portable swing trainer that instantly fixes the fundamental flaw in most amateur swings: Sway. After just one practice session, you'll  instantly get the feel of what the pros feel in the most important part of golf swing: the foundation.

Tired of fumbling for a ballmarker? Yep, us too. So we developed the World's Greatest Ballmark Holder: HoleOutPro™. It not only keeps the ballmark at your fingertips, it not only has the only optional DIY CounterBalance System in ProMass™, it also calibrates perfectly with your putter's Tru-Vertical™ balance point, giving you a massive edge on the greens over your competitors.

Check out each of our product videos to see why we're different. All of our products are made, packaged and shipped from SoCal (except for PerfecTowel™, which is manufactured in Asia.)

If you're content with playing as-is, move along, we're not for you. But if you're tired of the the same-old, you should really be playing with HoleOut, and Play Your Best.