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It's ridiculously simple:
Pros don't sway. Amateurs do.

    During the back-swing, the best players (when they're playing their best) do not move the rear knee and hips away from the target or away from the ball. And while that sounds easy, most amateur players do it all the time. This "sliding" motion, or sway, is the most common cause of miss-hits for the average player.

    AntiSwayProsolves this vexing problem. And it solves it quickly. It also works ideally with any upper-body practice you're already doing. With the proper foundation, you'll be clicking off crisp, clean shots time after time. AntiSwayPro™ might very well be the best golf lesson you ever takeIt's truly like having a swing-coach in your bag.

    Warm up with it before every round, and you will score lower. Get and maintain the foundation of every great player in history.

    • Adjusts to every golfer, every club, every stance.
    • Hitting balls is not required. Works in the living room too.
    • Also use during putter practice to eliminate sliding hips and sink more putts.
    • Comes with a flexible leash so you never need to reset.
    • Assembles quickly for both Right and Left Handed players.
    • Made with an advanced polymer: Flexes but will NOT break.
    • Fits easily into your golf bag.

    AntiSwayProoffers a lifetime of feedback that promotes, confirms and maintains the proper swing foundation with--or without--hitting a ball. Perfect for year-round practice.

    When you don't  feel pressure against AntiSwayPro™ you're developing a powerful swing coil. When you do  feel contact, take another swing (or 12) until you don't.  You don't need to hit balls to warm up with  AntiSwayPro.  Simply use it for 5 minutes a day at home, or prior to your next round to get the muscle memory needed for a solid, sway-free swing.

    AntiSwayPro has a dual-armature design that simultaneously identifies sway and the negative effects of 'rotating' the rear knee away from the ball. AntiSwayPro™  enhances all upper body training aids, like Orange Whip, Chute Trainer, Swing Click, and others.

    "As with all truly effective training aids, it's simple in concept, design and implemention. Prepare to say goodbye to the brutally bad habit forever."
    -GolfTips Magazine
    (Read the Full Review Here.)

    "Works perfectly. Gives the feedback during solo-practice that players need. A great training aid."
    -Mike Calbot, PGA Teaching Pro

    “From the minute you try the AntiSwayPro, you understand why it is so popular. This could be one of the most important training aids for teaching professionals because there is an application for every swing used on the golf course.”     
    -Tony Leodora, GolfTalk Radio

    “HoleOut: a company who is striving to provide golfers with not only aids in sharpening their skills, but also through more practical accessories which can be used on the course. Sometimes the simplest of training aids are the most interesting, and that is true here of AntiSwayPro.    
    -James Miles,

    "AntiSwayPro will last a lifetime and if you eliminate sway, your game will most certainly improve.”     
    –Matt Meeker,

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    Molded and packaged in the USA.

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