The HoleOut GreenClock™

The HoleOut GreenClock™

$ 19.95

For the average putter, 'reading' the green can be a daunting task. Not anymore.

The HoleOut GreenClock­™ teaches you the right way to see the "fall-line" and understand exactly how the putt's going to break before you even hit the ball.

GreenClock­™ is so easy to use. Simply place it on the green where you want to practice. You could do this on the low side of a hole (right next to the hole), or better yet, anywhere on the green: it's specially sized so if your ball touches any part of GreenClock­™ the putt is made. You can practice without a cup and still know if you made the putt.

How to use this simple, yet powerful tool:

Start by visualizing every golf hole as a clock: the hole is the center of the clock, with 6 o’clock as the low point directly downhill from the hole. Thus, the 3 to 9 the side-hill line. When you set the clock correctly and identify the degree of slope from 12 to 6, the ball break is predictable from every minute around the clock.

Place the HoleOut GreenClock­™ on the green wherever you decide, and rotate it until the bubble lays somewhere on the upper half of the 6-12 line.  Push on the Clock’s center to compress the grass underneath and re-adjust as necessary so the bubble is still on the 6-12 line. GreenClock­™ is now set so 6 o’clock is the low side and 3-9 is side hill line and the center of the bubble identifies the degree of slope, from 1°-3°. Practice from around the clock and from different distances to see where your aim points are with the slope of that hole.  You should notice that putts from some locations have a distinctive hook shape at the end as the ball slows and tries to turn onto the 12 to 6 line.  Your green reading will begin to improve on day 1.

Ok, what time is it?  Time to get out there and improve your putting!

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