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A tee's just a tee, right?
Not anymore.

Introducing PerfecTeeGen2

Maybe we're stupid, but we built a virtually indestructible tee. Because that's what we wanted to play.

Tired of playing with a pocket full of tees? Or bending/breaking "normal" plastic tees? This tee lasts longer than any other tee in golf. You'll lose it before you break it, since it's made from our own unique polymer. Which also makes it very environmentally friendly (besides pocket-friendly.)

Beyond that, this is simply the purest hitting tee you can play with. USGA conforming, with its patented diamond-shape shaft, the ball launches like a dream while the tee slices beautifully through the turf. It's like "Hitting Off Air."

Ergonomically designed, it feels 'positive' while teeing it up. And PerfecTee won't catch a dimple, and won't impart any unwanted spin with its Tru-Launch™ technology.

New Features for Gen2:

  • An even more advanced polymer for longer play
  • 2.75" and  3.5" (for those who like to tee it up high)
  • Molded Height Markers
  • Redesigned Ground Penetrating Tip

Same Features you know and love:

  • USGA Conforming.
  • Front supports can't engage dimples for unwanted side-spin. Other tees can grab dimples.
  • Virtually friction-free launch
  • Easy teeing with a superior stable platform.
  • Ergonomically designed, it feels great in the hand when teeing up that drive.
  • Diamond shaft cuts through the turf, doesn't easily bend through impact.
  • Driver Impact Pad takes the abuse drive after drive.
  • Environmentally friendly, 1 tee can outlast an entire bag of wood tees.

It's called PerfecTee for a reason.

    Qty: (8) 2.75" or (6) 3.5" per package.  Proudly Made in the USA.

    All HoleOut® products always come with a 30-day full money-back guarantee.

    In the News: Mac Boucher won the Yonex Long Drive Contest at the PGA Show Demo Day using HoleOut's PerfecTee™

    "Crazy good tee." -Customer James W.

    As seen on The Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" as host Damon Hack's 'My Favorite Thing of the Day' at the 2016 PGA Show. 

    "If the hassle of broken tees are weighing you down, Perfect Tees will surely put an end to that. To say they are extremely durable is an understatement. The sleek design made it easy to place the tee no matter how hard the ground was. The three-pronged head also makes setting the ball much simpler. No more struggling with having your golf ball roll off the tee."

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