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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness.
Become a Golf God:

    Tired of leaving your towel on the bag when you always need it on the green?  We were too. So our towel actually hooks to your putter. And it happens to be the Best Towel in Golf.™

    We took every important aspect of the golf towel, and created the PerfecTowel. Small but huge, it's the world's first 6 surface towel: with 3 wet, and 3 dry cleaning surfaces. And it hooks to your putter. So you'll never leave your towel in the cart, or on the bag again.

    • Just Push it On, and Twist it Off.
    • Do the dirty work inside, keep the outside clean for face & hands.
    • Won't drag or get caught in cart wheels.
    • Small form-factor, huge cleaning surfaces.
    • Internal hanger will not rust, break or tear away.
    • Hanger removes in seconds for easy towel washing.
    • Hook to your rear pant pocket keeping your towel off the ground.
    • You'll never leave your towel on the last green again.
    • The pro's favorite waffle-pattern micro-fiber material.
    PerfecTowel is just that: Perfect.

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    Can It Be Customized for my Club, Tournament, or Business?
    Of course it can. And we'll do it for you. Just contact us for huge price breaks on quantities with High Quality Custom Embroidery. Just email us at and feel free to attach a hi-quality PDF or JPEG of your logo. We promise to get back to you with a great quote.

    “It’s fabulous! I’ve seen a lot of towels in my days, but this one takes the cake. They really came up with a winner.”     
    –Mike Calbot, The Golf Doctor

    “The PerfecTowel is proclaimed by HoleOut to be “the best golf towel ever,” which is akin to “best coffee in NY City”: easy to claim, hard to prove. Turns out, this is a really great towel for a number of reasons.”
    -Matt Meeker,

    “I think we have found the most functional towel on the market... The PerfecTowel is the perfect size (won't drag or get caught in cart wheels), made of high quality materials and solves the issue of carrying multiple towels to cover all your needs. It's a brilliant invention and has earned the name The PerfecTowel!"

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