ProMass™ CounterWeight System
ProMass™ CounterWeight System
ProMass™ CounterWeight System
ProMass™ CounterWeight System

ProMass™ CounterWeight System

$ 12.95

Introducing the DIY Putter CounterWeight System exclusively for HoleOutPro

As if you needed another reason to install HoleOutPro, our Absurdly Functional™ USGA conforming ballmark holder...

Putter counter-balancing at the grip-end has become a popular trend. Why? It offers a noticeable difference in "feel" to whatever putter you're currently using: A more balanced, less bottom-heavy feel, enhancing the player's "touch" on the green.

Until now, counterweights were not easily user-installed and required a professional to do a clean, accurate installation, or required the purchase of a new counter-weighted putter or grip. That's no longer the case:

Introducing the HoleOut ProMass CounterWeight System.

When you make the smart decision to install HoleOutPro, simply add on one of 3 different ProMass options: 50g., 75g., or 100g. Thread ProMass onto the bottom of HoleOutPro tightly, then install  according to its instructions. HoleOutPro comes equipped with it's own installation blade to core your putter grip, so all you'll need is a screwdriver to tighten. Made from high-quality stainless steel so it won't rust, each comes with a custom vibration damper, so it won't rattle either. And it's USGA conforming.

Easily installed, easily change-able, won't rust, won't rattle. Like all of our goods, it just works.

Important: HoleOutPro is sold separately.  ProMass will not work without it!
HoleOutPro = 13g.   Adding each ProMass equals the total stated weight.

We think you'll agree: the feel is "positive", and just like all of our products:
game changing.

And all HoleOut® products come with a 30-day full refund guarantee.
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