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HoleOutPro is the USGA Conforming ballmark holder that mounts at the end of your putter grip. Never forget or fumble for your ballmarker again. It's always at your fingertips. It makes ballmarking a sheer joy.

So you've also been considering adding counter-balancing to your putter shaft?

ProMass (sold separately) is our ingenious DIY Counter Balance system designed  exclusively to work with HoleOutPro. With 50, 75 and 100g, weights you can totally fine-tune your putter's balance profile in literally minutes. By yourself. No pro needed.

Even with all this finely-tuned, Absurdly Functional gear, you still need to read the green. Well hold on to your putter and watch this:

We discovered you can 'calibrate' HoleOutPro using Tru-Vertical™. HoleOutPro's two ball removal facets can be located like the sight of a gun to become an ideal  visual attribute to identify where to hold the putter to effortlessly find your truly vertical shaft edge.

In a nutshell, Tru-Vertical is like having a plumb-line on every green. It's freaking awesome. Now you can easily see even the most subtle breaks. See the Truth.

We want you to play better: Click and watch this short video. With an assist from HoleOutPro you'll read even the most subtle greens better. And that gives you the edge over your playing partners.

When HoleOutPro becomes part of your routine, you won't know how you ever played without it.

Installation is easy. All you need is a screwdriver. Everything else is in the kit, including a plumb-line, and grip-coring tool. You got this.

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